About Us - Management Team

Matthew A. Fordham - President, CEO & Chief Technologist

Matt Fordham graduated from The Ohio State University's College of Engineering (Computer and Information Science) in 1993 and brings almost two decades of software and computing experience to LOGIKA.

Before co-founding LOGIKA in February of 1998, Matt consulted in the ERP industry focusing his expertise in PeopleSoft and Oracle Systems. Matt worked in the ERP industry for nearly six years as a consultant for Andersen Consulting and Crestone International.

In the Summer of 1997, Matt Fordham envisioned an Internet company that would change the way users searched for information on the Web. As a result, LOGIKA today is bringing to the Web community innovative searching technologies creating better searching experiences for the web user.

John Sortino - Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Planning

John Sortino began his professional career as a Marketing Specialist within the Automotive Components Group of General Motors. At GM, Mr. Sortino took on the role of Advertising & Promotions Coordinator, responsible for the development of all Advertising and Promotion activities including trade shows, media collateral, product branding, and ad campaign selection.

After excelling at this position, John was assigned a similar role for the company's European Operations in Paris, France. While in France, John also led the development a database system / application to effectively capture, calculate and communicate five and ten year marketing and business plans.

Yearning for a further challenge, John seized the opportunity to become one of the founding members of LOGIKA Corporation, where he could capitalize on his unique blend of technical and marketing skills.

Mr. Sortino holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Management Information Systems from GMI Engineering & Management Institute.

Bart Voypick - Vice President, Operations

Bart Voypick is one of the founding members of LOGIKA. Prior to his association with the Company, Mr. Voypick worked as an information systems consultant for six years with Andersen Consulting and Crestone International. His area of expertise was with the PeopleSoft Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Mr. Voypick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Missouri - Columbia where he graduated cum laude.