About Us - Search Architecture

LOGIKA's innovative Search System is the result of 18 years of extensive research, development, and fine-tuning. Our technology portfolio includes custom spidering, indexing, and data retrieval modules, each easily adaptable to the desired application. It is this scalable architecture that enables the introduction of an array of web based searching technologies.

The cutting edge design of our data structures and search algorithms has eliminated any dependency on the high-end hardware typically required for performance critical searches. In this manner, we are not limited by the power of the computer, but only by the power of the mind. The end result is the capability to introduce our technology cost effectively, yet without compromise.

The architecture was designed not only with today's searching needs in mind, but also in anticipation of the ever expanding amounts of information the web will contain. We are continually working to improve our technology with new features and functionality.

Whether your needs include seamless searching capability for your corporate web site, or larger scale portals for finding topic specific content on the web, we can serve them all. To talk with us about how we can make our scalable architecture the backbone for your searching services, send an e-mail, or give us a call @ 773-529-3482.